Hello world!

This is a static website, actually. Or mostly static. There’s a description of what’s going on here.

Obviously, there’s not going to be a whole lot of content over here on this site, at least for now. The content here is just placeholder content to experiment as I fine tune the wordpress+static concept.

Presently, the initial generation of the static site seems to work ok, but I need to find a way to show the files updating as they are written, so that the page doesn’t sit there doing nothing.

Additionally, the individual page updates are working but something is getting fouled up with the header. Not sure what’s going on there, but I do fool around with the header in a couple of places, so I’m sure it’s somewhere in those sections of code. — Problem had to do with differences in the way that each theme handles whatever follows the markup for the wpadminbar.

I’m not entirely sure that the part where I set the cache timeout to 0 is actually working. Need to follow up on that.

Search seems to be working properly.

Today we’ll see about comments. And go on a bit of a hunt for other bugs.

OK, pagebanger didn’t work when I updated this page, so I’ve got to track that baby down. OK, one problem was that I wasn’t pulling the wp subdir name, but instead had it hardcoded… So, lots of futzing with getting the right pathname for the file that we’re writing to the static directory, but possibly I’ve got it now. x y z

But have to investigate problem where I’m writing static versions while still editing on the back end, which creates static pages that look like you could edit with them.

And at some point very soon I need to combine a couple of things that I’ve so far handled as separate plugins. But since they do some very similar functions, it’s time for a nice, healthy refactoring.

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